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Greenline has an amazing experience of 17 years. All the countries in the world is internationalizing so fast that every country needs talents with foreign exposure and foreign education in order to manage their foreign affairs, global network and logistics. The demand for professionals and talents with foreign exposure and foreign language skills is sky-rocketing and the labor market around the world is aggressively hiring such professionals to meet with their growing diversified demands. Greenline helps you to achieve your goals. We offer services right from study programs up to your visa processing. From the view of employers, it is an inevitable requirement in order to meet with their new and diversified needs.

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About Company

Greenline Overseas Education Consultants Greenline helps students make career choice & university admission decisions, using simplified technology to drive streamlined access to best-matched mentors & leading global Universities. Greenline is one of the main Overseas Education Consultants in Kerala since 2004 with central command in Toronto, Canada. With our long history and fantastic notoriety in abroad instruction, we have shaped cozy associations with a wide scope of colleges around the world. Greenline has a diversified study abroad program designed according to the different countries. Our point is to take training to the following dimension of prevalence, where every hopeful is exceptionally taught and gifted with suitable information. We not just give you recommendation for further investigations; rather we first lead an appraisal of understudies to really comprehend the enthusiasm of competitor in explicit territory. We likewise give preparing projects to competitors through which they can get another beam of motivation for profession development.

17 Years Experience

Countries We Serve

General Info Session

Greenline conducts different outreach programs and study abroad program that provide the students a piece of basic information. We assure to clear all the doubts of students in our session of Study abroad program(SAP). Many students who could not proceed with their dream careers as they were intended due to reasons such as competitive admission procedures and requirements, delay in submission of application, lack of financial availability, Lack of knowledge for how to proceed, etc. we can assist you to overcome these hurdles

Application Process

Application Process is the most important of all. Providing and selecting a correct option from your study abroad program is very important. Greenline is here to make your choices easy and perfect according to your situation. After the counseling session, we will advise our student clients to go through all the options that we provided about their Study Abroad Program. Once when a candidate has decided and finalized the program of study, an institution for the education, and the country in which they wanted to pursue studies, we once again explain all possible provisions for the study abroad program, fee structure, duration of studies, living cost specifically for the city.

Student Assessment

Student assessment will give exact information about students interests and their capability which helps us to guide them for better career options. Student assessment is a very important session of the process that leads to finding solutions for impossible situations. During this session, one of our counselors discuss with you either over the phone or in-person on a one on one basis to understand more about your educational and career plans, your domestic options, if intended for SAP, the motive and reasons for the decision, your current education status, and grades

Student Counselling

Every student is assigned with a counselor who helps them throughout the process till visa application process. This is a one on one session between one of our expert counselors and the student who is intended for a Study Abroad Program(SAP). Based on the information gathered during the assessment session, our counselors carry out a thorough evaluation and matching process to find out the most suitable country, institution, and program of study for the student. The counselors will also find out different scholarship and bursary options from the educational institutions overseas and other financial support provisions

Admission Process

Admission process needs a pile of documents i.e. statement of purpose, letter of recommendation and resume etc. Our experts counselors helps the students to draft impressive SOP's and LOR's. Upon submission of the application, the representative portal can be accessed by signing in to the database and monitor the progress of the admission process. In some cases, there will be an admission interview required by the admission authorities. Based on the availability of both parties, we arrange this interview at an appropriate time. Sometimes the authorities may ask for additional documents if necessary. The admission department will issue a conditional admission offer letter as soon as they are satisfied with the documents

Travel Assistance

Once a visa is approved, the candidate needs to prepare themselves for a temporary long-term move to a new country. That includes arranging bill payment options or cancellation of accounts such as vehicle insurances, cell phone connections, or any utility connections if applicable. Our travel desk offers many different options and services that include traveling arrangements, arranging accommodation, and guidance on initial settlement matters.

Visa Processing

Visa processing is the most important process. Once after meeting all the conditions of the admission offer letter, the admission authorities will issue an unconditional admission offer letter to the student. The student has to pay all the necessary tuition fees required by the institution as directed in the admission offer letter and obtain a fee payment receipt from the admission authorities. Before the visa application a student has to pay the application and the sevis in order to book a date for visas. To apply for a visa, the student needs to submit all the above documents along with other additional documentation such as passport, all the education, financial and work-related documents. As you have a date our counselors will help you with the documentation and will have mock interview's with the student so that the student won't fumble at the final interview.

Initial Settlement Support

Once the candidate arrives in the destination country, they are advised to attend the orientation program arranged by the international department of the institution specifically for foreign students. This orientation program normally covers the information on the local area market places, transit facilities, major attractions around the area, etc. Once after arrival, the students may have to go through certain processes and procedures such as Social Security/ Identity numbers, Opening Bank Accounts, obtaining new cellphone connections, etc.


Being an Employment, Education and Immigration consulting company, we continually preserve ourselves up to date on all modern-day exertions marketplace traits and adjustments the ones are taking vicinity round the arena and additionally preserve music of all corresponding traits and adjustments withinside the training area.

As a part of collecting such facts, we additionally preserve up to date statistics on all new employment opportunities and their unique academic qualification necessities. We are continually knowledgeable of improvements taking vicinity withinside the training area so one can meet with the diverse wishes of these new and bobbing up regions of employment.

In maximum of the instances, the colleges and different academic and studies establishments offer us statistics on all their new and revolutionary applications even on the degrees of software improvement and in a few instances they even invite us to percentage our statistics and thoughts at the possibilities of such applications. Hence, we’ve got very genuine statistics on such new and revolutionary applications from round the arena.

If any institution isn’t always sharing statistics with us, we’ve got a group of specialists who’s very understanding in acquiring such facts thru extraordinary reassets. This group contributors are continually at the pinnacle of the evolutions taking vicinity withinside the training area and tracking all new applications which are growing and walking in any predominant establishments round the arena.

We additionally attain statistics from extraordinary global meetings and Educational festivals performed through global academic representative’s discussion board and expert our bodies of tutorial establishments and specialists.

The expert journals and guides popping out from reputed company is some other predominant supply for our statistics. Since we’re lively member with many such agencies and subscriber for plenty magazines and journals the ones are carefully tied up with academic and studies establishments from round the arena, we continually have the modern-day statistics on all evolving traits and applications. This mixture of enjoy and modern-day statistics on labour marketplace and corresponding academic necessities amassed from extraordinary genuine reassets make Greenline particular and genuine representative who can assist its scholar customers with the first-class recommendation and carrier of their profession improvement and abroad study programs

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Happy Client Says About Our Company

Apart from being a business firm staffs of Greenline never failed me to show the love and care towards me. They assisted me to choose the accurate course for me. The staffs are tremendously pleasant and obliging. Thank you Greenline 💚

Ebin jaimon

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Greenline provides various modes of communication. A student can simply mail or call or use a Chatbot  or upload your requirements on a google form and raise a enquiry. Our team will provide you with instant assistance.

Once a student has raised a enquiry our team will contact them to know their requirements in detail and then the person will assign a counselor according to students demand. once it is assigned, both the parties can decide a suitable time to start the consultation process.

The policies of Greenline denies to refund the money but assures the customer to meet their demands to every extent unless the customer is satisfied. Our experts will always be in touch with you to meet the requirements and solve all your queries

A student should raise a query and add all the requirements on our given platform. soon the experts will send you the pricing plan according to your requirement.

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